Overnight Gibberishes

I've been writing my thoughts online for quite sometime. And in 2007, I carefully picked, designed and published my personal collection.

I proudly introduce the first digital edition of this book. It's on iBooks Store across 51 countries.

105 Pages
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Portfolio projects all done by myself from design to programming.

The Haberdashers
프래피 문화를 전파하며 다양한 라이프스타일 브랜드를 기반으로 하는 해버데셔스 디스트리뷰션 공식 웹사이트. 직관적인 사용자 경험을 유지하는 동시에 브랜딩 및 의류 업체의 특성을 살린 스타일리쉬한 프리젠테이션 구현.
에임스 사랑의 교회
Official website for Ames Korean United Methodist Church. Powerful built-in admin functionalities - admin can manage almost every page on the go. Social media integrations. Provides Tech page.
Dr. Daniela Dimitrova
Personal website of Dr. Dimitrova at Iowa State University.
Oral English Certification Test Rating System
Oral English Certification Test Rating System
Helping for development of OECT Rating System at Iowa State University. Administrators can manage questionnaires, register raters, and schedule appointments. Raters can sign in with their university IDs and easily input ratings using friendly interface. Statistical information then automatically be generated.
Recommend movies you might like. myMovies has an algorithm which is smart enough to figure out what kind of movie you'd like, based on your every activity within the service. You can make collection of movies and share with friends.
Vote for friends with numerous descriptive words. Superstar* suggests an entirely new concept to recognize yourself among friends and also to find friends who have similar nature to you. It's an web app optimized to almost all known devices, such as tablets, smartphones and personal computers.